Waterbury residents upset that some sidewalks still haven’t been cleared

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Some residents are frustrated that sidewalks in parts of Waterbury still haven’t been shoveled three days after this week’s snowstorm. Though the city has been working since the storm to clean up the snow, there are some areas that residents say still need work.

Susan Pino has five kids and two stepchildren. She is worried about all the kids who have to walk home from school. She says some of the areas near Driggs School have not been cleared and are not safe.

“If they can’t walk on the sidewalk where they’re safe then you always have to worry about them getting hit by cars or climbing in that mound of snow to get back out,” she said.

Children have been walking on the roads to get around the snow. They are walking on streets like Woodlawn Terrace, which can be busy.

“It’s hard to get from one point to another,” said sixth grader Anthony Van der Eyk, who has to walk home on those sidewalks. “I have to walk in the roads and a lot of the cars, they beep at me. I have nowhere to go because a lot of the sidewalks on my street are covered with snow.”

Pino took pictures of the snow piled up and sent them to News 8 through Report It. She says this isn’t the first time this has happened and that some sidewalks in the area typically are not cleared after a snowstorm.

“It gets tiring. I got little kids,” Pino said. “So most of these kids – they go from pre-K age up to fifth grade here.”

Though the city clears the snow in some areas, it is up to residents to clear the sidewalks outside their homes. Kids who have to walk on the sidewalks are hoping more people will get out their shovels after the next storm.

“People need to shovel their houses,” said Van der Eyk. “Sometimes when it snows I shovel my own house, but a lot of the adults don’t shovel their houses.”

A spokesperson for the City of Waterbury says they have not gotten many complaints about the sidewalks. Residents who do not clear their sidewalks can be fined.

Police encourage people to report areas that need to be cleared by calling the non-emergency number: (203)574-6911.

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