Torres resigns as Superintendent of the Connecticut Technical High School System

Dr. Nivea Torres (Photo:

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Superintendent of the Connecticut Technical High School System announced her resignation late Monday afternoon after an investigation into misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Connecticut Department of Education Commissioner, Dianna Wentzell, and Chairman, Robert Trefry, accepted the resignation of Nivea Torres as Superintendent effective May 1, 2017.

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In a statement released Monday afternoon, the State Department of Education recognized Dr. Torres’ contributions to the Technical High School System.

Dr. Torres’ effective advocacy for the System and her understanding of its importance to the community enabled the System to be more responsive to regional workforce needs and increased industry partnerships. During Dr. Torres’ tenure, programs in manufacturing, digital media, health technology and media expanded and graduation rates improved.

The resignation comes weeks after an investigation revealed that Torres reportedly used taxpayer funds to pay for a never-used advertising campaign, custom framing of her college diplomas, and a photo shoot, among other items.

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Torres’ lawyer says she did nothing wrong and the memberships were part of an improvement plan for the school system.