Progress made with Waterbury car vandalism cases

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — One Waterbury detective calls it an epidemic. One Waterbury business owner is sick of it.

Lou Persico is a co-owner of Highline Car Connection — a car dealership and car repair business.

But, Lou says he’s often had to make repairs to his own cars thanks to a rash of vandalism at night.

“Rims, tires, superchargers off of cars,” he said. “We’ve had all four doors stolen off of a CRV one time.”

Lou says it’s so bad that it’s cost his business a staggering sum of money over the years.

“We probably — on average — lose between 30 and 40-thousand dollars a year,” he said.

It’s caused him to beef up security. Surveillance video is catching thieves in the act. One scene shows a robber breaking some windows to get into a car. Another shows a group of thieves walking off with car tires and rims.

Waterbury Police have formed task forces to deal with the problem. The city’s Deputy Police Chief says in April alone, there have been close to 30 incidents of car vandalism and thefts of car parts throughout the city.

Persico says he knows what’s driving this.

“They sell them,” he said. “We know because we saw our car parts being sold on Facebook.”

Waterbury Police have made two arrests recently and they say they’re examining Persico’s surveillance video to see if the people they arrested are some of the crooks who’ve been ripping him off.

Persico says he’s happy that the police are making this a priority. When asked how he’d feel if they can link some of the thefts to the masked people in his surveillance video, he had this response:

“Vindicated,” he said.