Deadly standoff in Trenton ends after 35 hours

(ABC) — A deadly standoff in Trenton, New Jersey, has ended this evening after 35 hours.

The suspect surrendered just after 5 p.m. when he exited the residence “peacefully,” New Jersey State Police Spokesperson Trooper Lawrence Peele said in a press conference shortly after the standoff ended. He was then taken into custody without incident.

“The suspect decided on his own to exit the residence and surrender,” Peele said.

Neither law enforcement nor the suspect were injured in the standoff, Peele said. Further details about the surrender were not immediately available, and the investigation is ongoing.

The incident began Wednesday morning in a residential neighborhood in New Jersey’s capital when U.S. Marshals went to a home to attempt to serve a warrant, officials said.

One neighbor told ABC News he heard knocking on the door and then immediate gunshots.

“I was yelling to my kids, ‘Get down on the ground,'” said a man named Nate, who declined to give his last name. “My little 2-year-old’s crying … it was loud.”

The suspect, 35-year-old Tyleeb Reese, allegedly fired on the marshals from inside his home, officials said. The officers backed out of the house while under fire, officials said.

A bystander outside the home was crawling on the ground for safety when he was struck by gunfire and died, according to ABC affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia.

Resident Roseman Pilot told WPVI, “I come right out and see a body laying on the ground, cops hiding behind cover. It was crazy.”

Capt. Brian Polite of the New Jersey State Police said this morning there was little progress with the suspect, adding that everyone was “hoping for a peaceful resolution.”

Officers used bullhorns to negotiate with Reese, saying things like, “I want this to end peacefully,” and, “We have not tried to hurt you.”

Authorities also deployed tear gas and have sent in a robot with a cellphone in an attempt to talk the suspect into surrendering.

Police are working with the suspect’s mother as well, hoping she can help bring the standoff to a peaceful end.

At one point, the suspect came to the window, but did not go outside.

Gunfire between the police and the suspect was heard early this morning.

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson today urged residents to stay calm, saying law enforcement officers were working tirelessly to resolve this matter.

Armed officers were seen helping neighbors to safety and officials said shelters and services are available for anyone who has been displaced.

Three Mercer County Sheriff’s officers suffered minor injuries, The Associated Press said.

Local authorities said Reese was being served a warrant on a Megan’s Law offense, which is the sex offender registration law. Reese was previously convicted of criminal sexual contact and failure to register as a sex offender.