Eversource warns Mylar balloons could cause power outages

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With Mother’s Day this weekend and graduation party’s coming up, Eversource wants all of us to be mindful about balloons.

The concern is about Mylar balloons, which are the ones with the shiny almost tinfoil-like coating. Eversource says these could disrupt power.

This is because the silver metallic coating is a conductor of electricity. So when your enjoying the festivities make sure not to let any of those balloons let loose.

If Mylar balloons are part of your festivities, Eversource recommends the following precautions:

  • Make sure the balloons are secure
  • Keep balloons away from power lines
  • Don’t use metallic ribbon
  • Always deflate balloons fully
  • Dispose of them properly.