Rainy spring causing problems for youth baseball leagues

(WTNH) — The wet weather we have had this spring has forced many youth baseball leagues to cancel so many games, teams are having a hard time making them up. They have even had to cancel games on sunny days because the fields have been too wet.

Baseball teams want to hear the words “play ball”, but this year they have been hearing “the game is canceled” more often than they would like.

East Shore Travel League players travel throughout Connecticut. The wet spring has thrown organizers of the league a curveball.

“We start on April 6 and we didn’t really get the games going until April 23,” said Michael Lamberti, co-director and umpire in chief of the league.

It is not easy to make up all the games that teams have missed. Because many teams go on to other tournaments, organizers cannot extend the season the way administrators can extend a school year. Instead, they have to squeeze more games into the time they have. Busy parents say that is not easy.

“To reschedule games sometimes gets difficult to get everything in, so it just gets a little frustrating schedule wise,” said Kim Effes, team mom for the Overlook Blacksox.

The Blacksox are a team from Waterbury. The team was able to play on Friday evening, but it has had several games rescheduled or delayed because of the weather. That is disappointing for many players and parents.

“They get upset because all of our players are really into playing,” said Effes. “They really love the game. They don’t love that it gets canceled.”

The league has promised the teams a set number of games, and those games need to be played. Organizers are trying to figure out what to do and hoping the wet weather will not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the game.

“We don’t want to leave anybody going away from here with a sour taste,” said Lamberti. “We want to bring the family in. This is a family oriented league.”

Many teams also have games scheduled for Saturday, but with the rain that is expected, they might have to make up those games too.

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