Professor says Joe Lieberman would make excellent FBI director

(WTNH) – President Donald Trump confirmed on Thursday afternoon that former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is the front runner to be the next FBI director.

The 75-year-old Lieberman served as attorney general in Connecticut in the 1980’s and was elected to the Senate in 1988. In 2000, he was Al Gore’s running mate on the Democratic ticket. In 2006, he left the Democratic Party and became an independent. He was the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee before retiring in 2013.

Lieberman is not necessarily popular with Democrats right now. However, News 8 spoke with a professor who believes Lieberman would be an excellent FBI director.

Joshua Sandman is a Professor of Political Science at the University of New Haven. He was Lieberman’s neighbor and was involved in his campaigns. He met Lieberman in 1970, and they got to know each other well.

“We developed a close relationship as he worked in the Connecticut state legislature and then as attorney general,” Sandman said.

Sandman thinks if Lieberman is chosen as the next FBI director, he has the right background and experience to be a good fit.

“He brings a lot of qualities that I think the FBI needs,” said Sandman.

Sandman says Lieberman would be honest and straightforward, and that he would use his legal background without overstepping. Though Lieberman has more of a political background than his predecessors, Sandman thinks that would help him.

“He will be more even handed and more balanced in looking at the people in the political arena,” said Sandman.

Sandman thinks Lieberman would focus on homeland security if appointed, drawing from his experience as chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He says it is a big deal for Connecticut that Lieberman is a contender for the FBI director position.

“I think we should be very proud,” said Sandman. “I think this is reflective of a state like Connecticut that stresses education.”

Lieberman works for a law firm that has represented Trump in the past.

Trump says he is “very close” to making a decision.

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