I-95 ranked one of the most dangerous roads in the country

(WTNH) — As we head into the holiday weekend, people are getting ready to hit the roads in Connecticut. Many will be taking I-95. Geotab.com has named it one of the most dangerous highways in the country.

The report says the exits on I-95 may have something to do with it, since I-95 has more frequent exits than most interstate sections in the U.S. Many exits are less than a mile apart.

Rudy Rosado has been a truck driver for more than 25 years. He often drives on I-95 in Connecticut.

“It’s true, especially when it’s raining like right now or snowing, you have accidents constantly,” he said.

Some truck drivers say the road gets so backed up they head to rest areas during busy times. However, some drivers filling up their tanks at the Milford rest area on I-95 southbound on Thursday say it’s not that bad.

“I prefer [I-95] rather than some of the alternate routes because it’s wide,” said Charlie Whitmore of New York. “It keeps me awake.”

But drivers will have even more company on the already busy road over the next few days. AAA says nearly 40 million people are traveling for Memorial Day weekend – the most in a decade.

“Eighty-eight percent are driving somewhere, so that’s a pretty big number of people to be on throughways and interstates,” said AAA spokesperson Fran Mayko.

Though gas prices in Connecticut are about 8 cents higher than this time last year, the roads are not expected to be any less busy. That’s something many drivers are ready for.

“It’s pretty dangerous,” said Rosado. “Got to be so careful. Accidents all the time, traffic all the time.”

Geotab ranked the highways using ten years of data. The report says I-95 in Connecticut has had an average of 15 fatal crashes year.

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