Neighbors react to deadly New Haven shooting on Greenwood Street

Joshua Rivera (Photo courtesy of Jorge Reyes)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — People on Greenwood Street in New Haven are still shaken Friday, hours after deadly shooting.

The city’s ShotSpotter syste, picked up the sound of ten shots. People hit the floor when they heard the gunfire. Robyn Young-Ali, of New Haven, described what he heard.

It sounded like gunshots. I knew it was a big gun. You knew it was a big gun, it sounded so close. I had just finished looking out my window and as I heard the gunshots I fell to the floor calling out for my mother and my son because the gunshots were really close to make sure they were all right.””

2017 06 02 joshua rivera new haven victim 2 Neighbors react to deadly New Haven shooting on Greenwood Street
Joshua Rivera (Photo courtesy of Jorge Reyes)

Bessia Evans added, “Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, between six and eight shots.”

The bullets traveled through the first floor window of the home striking, 28-year-old Joshua Rivera.

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Lydia Figueroa said, “An innocent man got killed in his home playing the game for what?”

Joshua’s friends said he was playing video games with his roommate when he was shot. Jorge Reyes told News 8, “He was just playing video games like always. Always playing PlayStation, always keeping to himself in the house.”

Tyjuan Smalls added, “Innocent man bothers no body. Takes care of everybody. He would walk your dog, watch your kids, cook clean for you carry your groceries. He didn’t deserve that.”

Smalls was a father figure to Joshua so he calls him his son. He said his heart is broken. “I know that wasn’t meant for my son. He died playing a video game,” said Smalls.

Neighbors and friends said Joshua was like family. Young-Ali added, “A good neighbor. A good friend. Someone that would give you the shirt off his back. Would go to the store for you, do anything.” Reyes added, “I was the closest friend he had. He came to me for everything.”

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Neighbors fear for their safety. Young-Ali said, “I’m petrified. I didn’t even sleep in my front room last night.” Marcine Kelly said, “It can happen to anybody. I could have been sitting in the house and got shot or one of the kids.”Young-Ali told us, “My room is on the front. My son spends a lot of time in my room. They could just shoot like that they could shot and kill me and my son.”

Friends of Joshua have a message for the shooter. Smalls added, “The people who did that are cowards. Just random shooting.” Reyes added, “You really took a really innocent life. You don’t know the effect this is going to have on everybody. You took the most innocent person. You didn’t even know his name.”