Quinnipiac University professor studying abroad in London talks about attack

(WTNH) — Some students and a professor from Quinnipiac University are currently in London as part of a study abroad program for an anthropology class.

News 8 spoke with the professor via Skype on Sunday afternoon.

She says she was in the subway on Saturday night when she heard an announcement that stations were closing due to a security incident.

“Having worked here for several years and also working in the Middle East, I knew exactly what that means so I looked up what was going on so I could contact the students and touch base with them. They all responded very quickly. They were in their flats and we all stayed in this neighborhood for the rest of the night,” said Jaime Ullinger.

Professor Ullinger tells us they are staying about two miles from where everything happened.

Thankfully, everyone from Quinnipiac is safe.