Connecticut Ghost Town Ready for Right Buyer

JOHNSONVILLE, Conn (WTNH)–Tucked away next to East Haddam, a sprawling 62 acres with a unique and mysterious history.

The village of Johnsonville includes over a half a dozen buildings, all rich in history with stunning architecture. Way back in 1830’s, it was a thriving mill town on the site.

“Mills like that also positioned themselves to big water features for power,” said Sherri Milkie of William Raveis.

Twine was made back at the old “Neptune Mill” at Johnsonville Village, labels still sit in the mills old safe. The civil war took its toll on the business, and over a century later a new owner revived it.

A church, school house, and even a large barn was moved onto the site. One home was original from the 1800’s, and it comes with deep intrigue. The homestead of the mill owner Emory Johnson is said to be haunted.

Realtor Sherrie Milkie of William Raveis hasn’t had any experience, but the groundskeeper has.

“He was working in the basement one day and a radiator came off the wall and landed in the middle of the room. And that caretaker will not come in the house by himself,” said Milkie.

The home puts the ghost in the ghost town of Johnsonville.

There are a lot of buyer’s showing interest, including usage for some non-traditional purposes.

“There’s a Wiccan group which is interested in it….to capture the energy and use the energy,” said Wilkie.

Health, wellness centers even an equestrian farm.

Many options are being thrown around for Johnsonville’s future.

It’s a fixer upper, but if you are looking for an old Connecticut village full of intrigue–the asking price is $1.9 million.