Naked man chased down by Hartford police

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — For the second straight day, a naked man had to be chased down by police.

Officers were sent to the area of Park Street and Amity Street for a motor vehicle accident with injuries around 12:43 p.m. When they were en route, the officers were told that one of the vehicles involved in the accident, a tan Nissan Altima, had left the scene driving recklessly heading westbound on Park Street. That vehicle was then reported to have crashed into a fence at the 7-Eleven store on Park Street.

It happened so fast at the 7-Eleven on Park Street and Prospect Street in Hartford. Witnesses say the man, later identified as later identified as 33-year-old Najee M. Amatur-Rahim crashed his car and it caught on fire. The man then started stripping and dancing on the roof of the car while smoke poured out underneath from the hood.

Mechanic Bill Arena could not believe what he was seeing.

“He got out and he jumped on top of the truck and banged on it. [He] took his shoes off and then he took a shirt off and then he took his pants off and then started dancing and screaming,” Arena said.

Arena said it took police from both Hartford and West Hartford, along with paramedics to subdue the man in order to get him into the ambulance.

“It could’ve been worse. That intersection is so busy. It could’ve been worse with a lot more cars.”  Arena said.

The whole incident took between 15 and 20 minutes.

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The driver came screaming down Park Street, according to witnesses. He almost hit two or three people and then he went into West Hartford. He then disappeared for about 10 minutes or so and then came back into Hartford, smashing into a fence.

His erratic behavior coupled with narcotics being found in the vehicle he was driving, it is believed that Amatur-Rahim was driving under the influence of drugs.

Police believe the man was on PCP, an opiate that causes hallucinations and according to doctors, it turns on all of the body’s systems at once. Patients feel like they are burning from the inside and over heat. They frequently remove their clothes to try and cool down.

Doctors say PCP is not on the rise, but it embedded in the streets. Thankfully nobody got hurt, but news 8 talked to Dr. Steven Wolf, the Chief of the Emergency Department at St. Francis Hospital. He said they do see this on a regular basis and it is very dangerous to treat these patients in the emergency room.

“It has the potential to be very dangerous at times because it requires a lot of people to subdue the person. It is not a pleasant drug. We unfortunately have a regular diet of it. I would say a few patients every day most likely have PCP on board,” Dr. Wolf said.

Amatur-Rahim also had two narcotics warrants out for his arrest through New Britain Police Department. He was transported by ambulance to Hartford Hospital for evaluation and treatment of minor injuries.

Hartford Police anticipate a warrant for his arrest for numerous motor vehicle and narcotics charges related to the traffic accident.

The driver of the gray Toyota Corolla that Amatur-Rahim struck was transported to St. Francis Hospital to be  treated for minor injuries.