Democrats and Republicans play in Congressional Baseball Game: “Tonight, we’re all team Scalise”

(WTNH) — The Congressional Baseball game was held on Thursday night despite gunfire at practice on Wednesday morning.  Thirty-three Republicans and 26 Democrats put their political differences aside for a night of baseball. They went head to head at Nationals Park, all for charity. This is something they’ve been doing now for more than one hundred years.

The players gathered for a prayer before the game started. David Bailey, an officer who helped take down the shooter, threw the first pitch.

One of the players out on the field was Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy. It was his 11th time suiting up for the game, but he says this game was different.

“Just because I’m passionate, just because a Republican is passionate about the things they believe in, that’s not license for somebody to go take a gun and shoot one of us,” Murphy said.

GOP Representative Steven Scalise was one of the people shot. The players came together to support him. Both sides wore Louisiana State University gear to honor the Louisiana congressman.

“This game is a game where we always is come to have fun and for everybody to do their very best and hope that our team wins,” said Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “Tonight we’re all team Scalise.”

Ticket sales were up at this year’s game, and that means more money raised for charity. However, one person was not at the game: President Donald Trump. He said in a recorded message before it began that everyone was playing hard for Scalise.

“By playing tonight you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults,” Trump said.

The Democrats won the game 11-2 but gave their trophy to the Republicans for Scalise.

The game raised more than a million dollars for charity.