81-year-old grandmother leads police on chase

(WTNH) — An 81-year-old grandmother out for a sandwich and coffee lead police on a slow speed chase.

Police in Texas say they got calls about her driving in circles and going the wrong way. She stopped for officers at first, but then started driving off as they tried talking to her.

“Hey! Don’t do it! Don’t! Don’t do it! Stop! Stop the car!”

She took off and started the chase.

It never topped 25 miles per hour.

She stopped again after about 10 minutes.

Officers sliced her tires then broke her window to get her out.

“Why didn’t you stop?” the police asked her.

“Why would I stop when I’ve done nothing? Why? Tell me that,” the woman responded.

Police asked her, “why didn’t you just open the door when I knocked on the window back there?”

The woman responded, “Why? It’s my car, my life.”

She wasn’t drunk and paramedics say she seemed to be fine.

She never got that sandwich or that coffee, just a ride to jail.