East Haven wrestling event raises money for autism advocacy

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Good is looking to tap out greed on Sunday.

A wrestling group made things right again at a fundraiser on Sunday afternoon.

Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling hosted an event in back April for Autism Services & Resources Connecticut, but they never saw the money.

On Friday East Haven police arrested James Raymond, the event organizer. They say Raymond collected money for the autism advocacy organization, then presented a check that bounced.

However, the wrestlers got right back up and held another fundraising event on Sunday.

“I have autism and I want to say it was a blessing and it was memorable,” said Charles Fuller Jr., who attended the event.

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This time they raised more than $7,800 for ASRC – even more than the first event brought in.

“This was an amazing outpouring of support for our individuals and our families, and we’re incredibly grateful,” said Leslie Simoes, ASRC co-director.

“That was the motto throughout this entire thing – we’re going to right the wrong,” said Mario Mancini, president of Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling. “That’s all everybody kept saying, we’re going to right the wrong.”

Five East Haven businesses donated a thousand dollars each to the cause.

Raymond is due in court next month.

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