Dayville firefighter arrested again after fleeing the scene of a car crash

Todd Wakefield

DAYVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — State Police arrested a Dayville firefighter again on Tuesday after he left the scene of a crash.

According to State Police, 46-year-old, Todd A. Wakefield, was operating a fire truck with emergency lighting and sirens activated while en route to a call for service. They say he failed to utilize caution while passing a vehicle that had pulled over to the shoulder and stopped completely.

State Police say Wakefield knowingly sideswiped the pulled over truck causing damage, failed to stop at once and render assistance as needed. Nor did he give his name, address, license number or any other information to the driver of the pulled over vehicle.

Officials say, Wakefield continued to the call for service and failed to contact Connecticut State Police or notify Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications (QVEC) of the accident. They say he also tried to mislead a Trooper during the investigation by stating that there was oncoming traffic and that the truck that was hit, failed to pull over and had continued to drive. Police say both statements were proven to be false.

Authorities say although the Wakefield was operating an emergency vehicle and exempt from motor vehicles laws, however he was still required to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons and property.

State Police say based on the investigation, both drivers statements, observed damage on both vehicles, physical evidence at the scene, Fire Truck video evidence, and QVEC audio file evidence that Wakefield is found to be at fault for this accident. They say Wakefield violated the Connecticut General Statutes of unsafe passing and evading responsibility.

Authorities say Wakefield was issued a misdemeanor summons and complain. He is schedule to appear at Danielson Superior Court on July 12.