Elderly woman recovering following pit bull attack

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — An elderly woman is recovering after she suffered bite wounds to her face, neck, and head from a pit bull on Tuesday.

The fire chief says she fought back during the attack and has cuts to her arms as well. However, she’s doing better and even asked to go back to work.

People who visited the 78-year-old woman in the hospital are saying she’s tough after surviving the mauling. She’s also receiving praise from New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

“The woman that was attacked is feeling much better and wanted to go back to work today. So that’s good sign,” Mayor Harp said.

This latest dog attack comes while the city considers new ordinances for vicious dogs. They’re looking at laws that would define what is considered dangerous and how owners should care for them.

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Mayor Harp says she would support this if her constituents do. However, she’d like to see the laws the city already has enforced first.

“Whether or not people take seriously laws that we have on books to make sure that their dogs are licensed and that they maintain control of their pets,” Mayor Harp stated.

Right now, the dog is being quarantined at the animal shelter. The dog’s owner will not be charged in the incident because the animal was not loose and was on private property.