Hartford firefighter shot in Rocky Hill during alleged drug deal fired from FD

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Hartford firefighter who was shot last April in Rocky Hill was fired from the Hartford Fire Department on Friday.

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According to Captain Raul Ortiz of the Hartford Fire Department, earlier this week the Hartford Fire Department conducted an internal investigation into one of their members, Jimmy Ngo, who was allegedly involved in activity that Ortiz said violated city and department policies. As a result of the investigation, Ortiz says Ngo’s employment with the City of Hartford has been terminated, effective immediately.

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Earlier this week, a warrant was released that said 32-year-old Ngo was shot during a drug deal at an industrial park on Belamose Avenue in Rocky Hill on April 20. Ngo said he and Jesus Perez were going to sell drugs to a third person, but Perez shot him before the buyer showed up.

Police believe Perez stole the drugs and Ngo’s car, but Perez says the buyer shot Ngo. Perez was arrested on charges related to the crime.

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Ngo is still recovering.

Ortiz said, “the City of Hartford and the Hartford Fire Department has zero tolerance for violation of it said policies that are counter-intuitive to the handwork, dedication and sacrifices made by the greater body.”