Milford Citizens Bank accounts targeted by skimming devices

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Customers at Citizens Bank in Milford are being urged to check their bank statements.

This warning comes after the discovery that some accounts may have compromised by the use of skimming devices.

Officials say the bank was targeted toward the end of June.

82-year-old Marion Yazdzik had nearly $2,000 wiped out of her account. She intended to use that money to pay her city taxes and had a message for the crooks.

“I am just so angry. Get a job, earn your money,” she said. “We had to do that, you know, I didn’t get it easy.”

Vice President of Media Relations Lauren Gigeronimo stated, “Our customers’ security is our top priority. Impacted customers will be notified and reissued new cards, and will be reimbursed for any activity they did not initiate.”