Multiple Connecticut families awaiting decisions on loved ones’ potential deportations

(Photo provided by the Reyes family)

(WTNH) — A number of Connecticut families are waiting in hopes their loved ones aren’t deported.

Not only are they waiting. They’re praying that a court steps in to give their family members another chance.

Unless that happens, they will be deported.

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Their loved ones are in the country without the right papers, but worked and paid taxes during their time in Connecticut.

Senator Richard Blumenthal says the threats to deport are cruel and he blames a change in policy by President Trump.

“Instead of targeting or prioritizing undocumented individuals who are dangerous and have criminal records, they are engaged, in effect, in a roundup of all undocumented individuals. Even people who have worked here for decades,” said Sen. Blumenthal.

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Those families want a similar outcome to the case of Nury Chavarria.

News 8 followed her story extensively in July.

The Norwalk woman entered the country illegally in the 1990’s. She was going to be sent back to her native Guatemala a couple of weeks ago until she sought refuge in a New Haven church.

Chavarria was granted an emergency stay to remain in the country while attorneys fight on her behalf.

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