Norwalk man sentenced to 24 months in prison for embezzlement

NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) — A Norwalk man will be spending time in prison after facing sentencing for embezzlement and tax evasion offenses.

According to court documents and statements made in court, 64-year-old Mark Errico of Norwalk handled the finances for two companies located in the town and embezzled more than $800,000 from those companies between Feb. 2011 and March 2014.

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Prosecutors say Errico transferred stolen funds from the companies’ accounts to pay his credit card debts and cashed company checks by forging signatures.

Errico was ordered to pay nearly $650,000 in restitution to the two companies and more than $250,000 in back taxes plus penalties and interest to the IRS.

Errico was sentenced to 24 months of imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release.