Governor Malloy urges residents to use caution when donating to Harvey relief

(Image: Big Stock Photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Dannel Malloy is advising residents to use caution when considering donating to nonprofit organizations that are assisting with Hurricane Harvey response and recovery.

In a statement, the Governor said,

“Past experience has taught us that the best way we can help survivors in a disaster, particularly in the first days, is to donate funds to trusted charitable organizations that are often on the frontlines working in close partnership with first responders. These funds will help those in need as the Houston region begins to recover. We are grateful to these organizations and to the first responders for all the direct assistance they are providing to the people impacted by this storm.”

According to officials, scams posing as charities can sometimes show up during times of natural disasters. These groups can try to solicit funds via email, telephone, and pop-up ads.

The office of the Governor says hose seeking to donate should give to organizations they are familiar with to ensure their money is going to the best place possible.

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