Gas prices on the rise over Labor Day weekend

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) –- This holiday weekend drivers have had a bit of sticker shock at the gas pump. Prices have surged about 26 cents per gallon this week, since Hurricane Harvey disrupted gas supplies across the country.

News 8 spoke with drivers filling up their tanks at a rest area along I-95 in Branford on Saturday afternoon. Sharon Konspore was heading home from Cape Cod. She noticed that when she arrived there, gas prices were much lower.

“I drove from Norwalk up to Hyannis to go visit a friend and I was very excited when I got there to pay $2.35,” she said.

Prices are now up, however. Drivers at the rest area paid 50 cents more than Konspore for a gallon of regular gas at the rest area on Saturday.

Dan Dubovsky was also returning from a trip, and he couldn’t believe how fast the prices went up.

“There were gas stations that were raising the price 2 or 3 times a day,” he said. “You drive by and it would be one price. You drive by a couple hours later, it would be higher.”

Many drivers looking to relax over Labor Day weekend were concerned about the higher prices. Some were going to adjust their plans, so that they’d be driving less. Others weren’t letting higher prices get in their way.

“It’s not really bothering my travel plans because I already made up my mind for it,” said Desmond Legaton, who was driving to New York. “Just got to bite the bullet.”

Though it’s a holiday weekend, some people were thinking about work. They were worried about the pain the higher prices at the pump would bring.

“We have a plumbing and heating business,” said Gina Grumbach, who was returning from a trip to Cape Cod. “When you go to fill up three trucks and it goes up 30 cents a gallon, it hurts.”

Many drivers are just hoping the prices will come back down. In the meantime, they know they’re stuck having to pay more.

“You still have to work, so at the end of the day you just suck it up,” said Konspore. “You cut out something somewhere else.”

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