New Haven Police: Man robbed while trying to obtain heroin

- FILE - New Haven Police Cruiser (WTNH)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Police say a man trying to obtain heroin was the victim of a robbery in the Elm City.

According to New Haven Police, 57-year-old Joseph Sumpter from Washington State stopped in New Haven to buy syringes for heroin.

Sumpter told police he gave $20 to a man named “Mark,” to buy drugs. Sumpter said Mark never returned.

According to police, Sumpter then gave $20 to a woman named “Trish” who returned with his purchase.

Police say Sumpter and Trish then went to a nearby apartment to get syringes. Sumpter told police he thought the apartment was hers, but police say it wasn’t.

Sumpter claims a group of people including a man who may have been Mark was inside the apartment. The group reportedly attacked him and took $80.

Sumpter was unable to provide police with descriptions of his assailants.