Quinnipiac University students from Florida thinking of home

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Several Florida natives are now attending Quinnipiac University here in Connecticut. Of course, they’re concerned about what’s going on as Irma hits their home state.

Brianna Stone is a sophomore at Quinnipiac University. She’s from Boca Raton, Florida. Her family still lives there.

“It’s so hard for me that I can’t be there…and try to help prepare and make everyone feel better,” she said.

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They’ve been sending her pictures and videos since the storm hit, including videos of the high winds and pictures of what it did to the furniture. They are safe, but Stone still worries about the damage the storm could do, especially to her father’s house.

“I’m really nervous about all his stuff, like his late mother’s things that he has,” Stone said. “He’s collected photo albums and taken pictures his whole life.”

Quinnipiac University senior Nicole Kessler is also from Boca Raton. Her family is still in Florida, and she’s worried about them. She’s also thinking about what Irma could do to her home. They’ve been sending her updates too.

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“It’s been scary for me seeing all the news notifications and talking to my friends and family,” Kessler said. “To think that some of my favorite places are going to be devastated and have to be rebuilt, that’s kind of hard.”

Rachael Cramer is also thinking about family back home. She’s from Sarasota. Her family has remained in Florida too.

“I was a little worried,” she said. “It’s hard being so far away from home and not knowing and not physically being there.”

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For now students can only watch the storm from here and keep checking in with their families as best they can.

“I hope it won’t get too much worse,” Stone said. “I like that I can communicate with them, but I’m scared that I’m going to lose communication soon when the storm worsens.”

Students say they believe their families are safe. However, they are worried since they haven’t seen a storm like Irma.

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