People in Connecticut looking to help Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

NEWINGTON/NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Like we’ve seen in Texas and Florida after Harvey and Irma, people want to help in times of crisis. That has been the case across Connecticut as Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico.

Danny Delgado works at WRYM Radio in Newington, which has broadcasts in Spanish. He’s been following Hurricane Maria, getting updates on TV, online and from people on the island. On Wednesday the radio station passed that information on to listeners all day long.

“They want to know. They get desperate,” Delgado said. “I understand that. When you have families in a tenuous place you have to be worried about them.”

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This is personal for Delgado. He has family in Puerto Rico too. Loved ones sent him pictures of the damage, but communicating with them hasn’t been easy.

“My whole family is down there and I was trying to get in touch with my brother before the hurricane touched down. I couldn’t get through,” he said.

Though Maria far away, it is reaching people here in other ways – whether people are worried about loved ones in Puerto Rico or are wanting to help. New Haven city leaders want to help residents help them.

“We understand the hurt and the worry that they’re going through and want to help in any way we can,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

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The city is signing on to an effort that’s being organized around the U.S. to help the people there. It’s asking residents who want to help to make a pledge.

“This is when we come together as a human race to help one another,” said Harp. “This is what we do.”

Meanwhile, Delgado will continue trying to help people in Connecticut by keeping them informed.

“It’s not an easy job when you have to broadcast news that’s so sad. It’s not an easy thing,” said Delgado.

If you would like to donate, simply send a text message to 414-44 and write “Unity” in the message.