People across Connecticut dealing with stink bugs

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It is officially stink bug season. The warm weather we’ve been having has been making the problem worse. People across Connecticut are finding them in and around their homes. Stink bugs emit a smell if they feel threatened, much like skunks.

Lisa Amarone has lived in her house in Hamden for about six years. She found a stink bug on one of her screens on Thursday evening – something she’s been seeing more and more of.

“The warmer it is the more there is,” she said. “Over the past weekend I counted at least 20 on the outside of the house.”

She’s not alone. They’re bugging people all over the state. Scientists at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station have been noticing more stink bugs too. Some have had them in their homes.

“A couple of [the stink bugs] I brought in here, which ended up being food for our black widows,” said Kirby Stafford, State Entomologist.

Stink bugs don’t bite or carry diseases. They aren’t harmful, though they are smelly.

“Sort of a musky grassy smell would be the best description,” said Dr. Gale Ridge, assistant scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

The bugs tend to live near orchards and in rural areas. Your best bet is to keep them from getting in your house in the first place.

“I picked one up by the vacuum cleaner by accident one day,” said Amarone. “Worst thing that ever happened. The whole house stunk.”

One of the best things you can do to keep the bugs out of your house is to make sure your windows are caulked, especially on the sides. If your house has shingles, check underneath for any gaps.

“My suggestion is because they are an agricultural pest, put them in a Ziplock bag and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. That will kill them,” said Ridge.

Some people get rid of stink bugs by putting a clear container of soapy water over a light. The light attracts them and the soapy water traps them.

Experts don’t recommend using pesticides to get rid of them.

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