Connecticut Citizens Defense League: No need for more laws on guns

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH)– Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamera told News 8 the weapons that were used in the mass shooting in Las Vegas are a concern for law enforcement. Chief MacNamara said, “That is a significant dangerous weapon we see what happens and when an individual has it and intends on doing harm to a lot of people.”

Chief MacNamara said a semi-automatic weapon only fires once for each pull on the trigger but an automatic weapon enables rapid fire and can do a lot of harm in a short amount of time. Chief Gary MacNamara added, “He was utilizing some sort of automatic weapon meaning one pull of a trigger allowed him to send bullets flying everywhere instead of a single pull resulting in a single bullet.”

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Chief MacNamara said, “An automatic weapon used in a civilian crowd we saw it, it causes havoc and carnage and death in a matter of moments because he had the ability to just spray bullet into the crowd.” There has been no official word yet on what type of weapons were used by the shooter.

Scott Wilson with the Connecticut Citizens Defense League says semi-automatic weapons can be illegally modified to automatic.

Scott Wilson with the Connecticut Citizens Defense League added, “If it was a semi-automatic weapon and it was modified I don’t think that there is any more laws that would stop somebody from converting a weapon, a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon If they really want to inflict mass causalities.” Senator Richard Blumenthal said the lack of a silencer on the weapon may have saved lives.

Senator Blumenthal added, “Nothing has changed since Newtown and as much as my heartbreaks, my stomach churns with fury because right now the only measure under consideration in congress would make silencers easier to buy when the only reason people ran from those gunshots in Las Vegas was they heard them.”

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Wilson added, “We do believe that hearing protection is secondary to the fact that somebody that is bent on doing this type of atrocity will go through whatever they have to go through, they will break whatever laws they can manufacture homemade suppressors if that is the case attach them.” He believes stricter gun laws won’t stop senseless attacks from happening.

“We are to a point right now where you cannot read a persons mind and tell what they might commit for a crime in the future and again if you took every firearm away from very citizen in this country there would still be truck bombs, there would still be trucks driving into crowds of people. there would still be ways to perpetrate mass causality types of events,” said Wilson.