Gun dealers say tougher gun laws won’t prevent mass shootings

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Erine Willhite is the owner of Connecticut Sporting Arms. He is concerned some lawmakers are trying to impose too many gun laws.

Willhite said, “Every time someone misuses a firearm I get attacked. I know that they will try to ban something and when they try to ban that something everybody will buy it.”

gun1 Gun dealers say tougher gun laws wont prevent mass shootings
(Photo: Noelle Gardner/WTNH)

Ron Pinciaro with Connecticut Against Gun Violence said the state has some of the strongest gun laws in the country but said there needs to be more at the national level. Pinciaro told News 8, “Borders are borders and it is easy to get guns across borders and until they do things nationally we are still not as safe as need to be.”

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gun3 Gun dealers say tougher gun laws wont prevent mass shootings
(Photo: Noelle Gardner/WTNH)

Pinciaro said Congress is considering laws that will make things worse, like loosening restrictions on silencers.

He believes it was the sound of gunfire in Vegas that made people run. Pinciaro said, “If they had been silent, it would have probably even been worse .”

Willhite disagrees.

He said, “I’m not sure it was the gunfire that caused them to run. I mean they are seeing people being shot. I would leave the area myself whether I heard anything or not. You are in a bad area, so I don’t know what the silencer could possibly accomplish there.”

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Willhite said more gun laws won’t stop criminals from acting out.

“If they could find a law that would stop criminals from doing wrong, that would be fine. But their laws do nothing to affect criminals,” said Willhite.