Newtown residents speak out about gun violence, want change

NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH)– The Newtown community is speaking out after the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“There is no safe place. If you think it’s not going to happen in your neighborhood, or couldn’t happen in your neighborhood, you’re wrong,” said Karen Boyle. “There are armed people everywhere– and unbalanced people.”

Sharon Cohen added, “It’s reality impacting me. Because reality is just too much to bear.”

img 9247 Newtown residents speak out about gun violence, want change
(Photo: Noelle Gardner/WTNH)

“To have weapons that automatically fire so rapidly it is ridiculous. There should be some kind of gun control on that,” said Mike Forlivio.

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Some residents are calling for tougher gun laws.

“I don’t know what the answer is besides taking guns away or not letting people stockpile a large amount of weapons,” Boyle said.

Kids say they’re cautious and aware of their surroundings.

“Usually most of me and my friends we figure out our exits,” said Katie Forlivio. “So if something were to happen we would know like where to go, how to hide just find her exit plan.”

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They say nothing nationally has changed with gun laws since the Sandy Hook tragedy.

“What’s the norm? Is this going to be the new norm now? I mean I’m afraid to bring my kid to school because you don’t know where is safe,” Mike Forlivio said.

Boyle said, “If you can slaughter children like that and still cannot get anything done then I don’t really see things ever changing.”

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