Senate candidate calls out Sen. Murphy for remarks, actions after Vegas massacre

(WTNH) — “The political movement which is growing stronger by the day in this country surrounded by gun violence measures will get stronger if this Republican Congress continues to do nothing, mass shooting after mass shooting,” said Senator Chris Murphy, (D).

On the heels of Sen. Murphy’s call for Congress to take action on gun control following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, political backlash.

Matthew Corey is a Republican political candidate for the U.S. Senate here in Connecticut. On Wednesday, he attacked Sen. Murphy’s actions and statements.

“People usually expect when something like this happens for our political local leaders to step up and say something. What would you say?” asked News 8 reporter Jacquie Slater.

“What would I say? I would say look at the humanity that happened in Las Vegas. It didn’t matter what political affiliation you were, what race you were, what background you came from. The American people came together and helped their neighbors out,” said Corey.

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After speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Sen. Murphy sent out an email to constituents asking for donations to his campaign.

Corey is crying foul.

“Senator Murphy was already asking for donations on the tragedy that happened in Las Vegas. I just think that is heart wrenching and wrong,” said Corey.

On Wednesday, Sen. Murphy’s team released the following statement:

The notion that this political fight needs to be suspended in the wake a mass shooting is an argument perpetuated by the gun lobby and those who want the status quo to never change. The email should have been clearer about the options available to those who chose to donate, but Chris has been totally transparent about the need to spend every single day building a well-funded political movement that will eventually win changes in the law to help end this epidemic of mass carnage.”

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On Tuesday, Sen. Murphy called for bipartisan action in response to the latest massacre on American soil.

“In the minds of the madmen when they see Congress doing absolutely nothing, shooting after shooting, they read that as quiet acceptance of the carnage. It has to stop,” said Murphy.

As for Corey, he insists now is the time for healing, not political rhetoric.

“What law is Senator Murphy going to put in place to keep the guns out of criminals hands? So what he’s doing is a knee jerk reaction to take away the rights of abiding citizens,” said Corey.

Corey says he believes part of the solution to mass shootings is to focus on mental healthcare. He said recent cuts to mental health programs here in the state as the budget crisis continues are a step in the wrong direction.