PD: Elderly man arrested for trying to kill wife in Branford

Anthony Delucia (Branford Police)

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– An 81-year-old Branford man was arrested for allegedly attempting to kill his wife, early Thursday morning.

Police say at around 5 a.m., officers responded to 26 Turtle Bay Drive to a domestic dispute after a call from neighbors. Upon arrival, they found Anthony Delucia outside the home. Police say he was struggling on the ground, trying to stab his 74-year-old wife with a kitchen knife.

Anthony Delucia was visibly shaken as he went before a New Haven judge for allegedly attempting to kill his wife at their home in Branford. John Frione said, “It was about 4:30 in the morning I was laying down and all of a sudden I heard somebody screaming.”

A woman delivering papers in the Turtle Bay Condominiums told police she saw a woman being chased by a man before he put a knife to her throat. Moments later police arrived at the scene. Captain Geoffrey Morgan with the Branford Police Department said, “The officer encountered Mr. Delucia on the ground wrestling with his elderly wife and he had a knife in his hand attempting to stab her.”

They were able to subdue Delucia. Paramedics treated his wife for minor cuts. According to the court documents, Delucia told police that he was trying to kill his wife and then commit suicide. The documents also state Delucia was rambling on about several conspiracy theories. Delucia’s wife told neighbors her husband suffers from dementia.

John Frione said, “I went over and said Ann you are okay, and she said you know Tony tried to stab me. and the first thing that Ann said was that he has dementia “I see you guys everyday and some days he knows it is me and some days he doesn’t know it is me.” Neighbors said it is a sad situation and that Delucia belongs in a nursing home rather than behind bars.

Frione added, “When I see that they are holding the guy for a half of million dollars he needs medical help. My guess is he probably should be like in a dementia wing somewhere at a nursing facility that is where he belongs.”