Fall River store owner fights back against would-be robber

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – When a masked suspect entered the convenience store and demanded money Monday night, owner Ahmad Abdulrahman took matters into his own hands to defend himself and his store.

Security video from the Farm Market convenience store on Cherry St. in Fall River shows a masked robber storm into the store and demand money.

Dressed in black from head-to-toe and armed with a metal baton, the robber started threatening Abdulrahman, who happened to be behind the register.

“When he put his mask up he was pleasing me to give him the money only,” Abdulrahman said. “I said, no I don’t have the money here.”

He grabbed a two-by-four and began fighting off the robber, chasing the suspect out of the store and down the block. He suffered some scrapes and bruises to his arms but was otherwise okay.

“Unfortunately some people are so weak, they think its so easy to come in and take your money,” said Abdulrahman. “But not me.”

Abdulrahman is a survivor of the Syrian civil war. He bought the Farm Market convenience store one year ago.

“You have to be tough to survive; you have to work, and thank God I am doing well,” said Abdulrahman. “I open my store, I close it. I do like 17 hours a day, seven days a week. Thank God, we are here.”

As of Wednesday morning, Fall River police told Eyewitness News no arrest had been made. They are continuing to investigate leads.