Legislative leaders meet at State Capitol Sunday for budget talks

- FILE - Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford (WTNH / Mark Davis)

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Legislative leaders met at the State Capitol on Sunday evening, getting close to a deal.

Lawmakers hope there will be a vote on a state budget this week.

They were working to finalize parts of the budget bill. They told News 8 after the meeting that they are feeling optimistic it will get passed.

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Republican and Democratic lawmakers are talking about the budget passing by a large margin.

They want to make sure they have the support in case Governor Malloy vetoes this proposal, which is what he did to the first budget deal last month. They are hoping to get it passed by a veto proof majority so they don’t have to go back to square one.

The bipartisan budget deal will increase the “Car Tax” by two mills in the first year and eliminate it in the second year. However, that means your property tax may go up. A cigarette tax will also increase.

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Many teachers are not happy about the deal as it calls on teachers to contribute more to their pension plan.

Lawmakers will present the budget deal to Governor Malloy when it is finished, which they hope will be soon.

“Then it all has to be reduced to writing, although we are very far along in that,” said Democratic Senate Leader Sen. Martin Looney. “About 90 percent of the implementer language that we always have part of the budget is already agreed to, so we’re pretty far along in the process.”

Connecticut has been without a budget for 114 days. Governor Malloy has been running the state through executive orders.

Lawmakers will be meeting again on Monday to work on the budget.

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