Paranormal organization takes public on ghost hunt

FRANKLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — A group of paranormal investigators took the public along on a ghost hunt at a museum in Franklin on Friday night.

If you were inside the Ashbel Woodward House you’d see a casket, candles and cameras. The cameras were rolling – to record what we can see and maybe what we can’t. The Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations, or TSPI, was looking for ghosts and any paranormal activity inside the museum.

“We bring in all kinds of equipment, from audio to visual,” said Shamus Denniston, director and founder of TSPI. “We even have a medium on the team.”

The group set up at the museum on Friday night, in part because they’d done an investigation there before. Their cameras were rolling then too. They captured something creepy, something they couldn’t quite explain.

“The things we were able to document were voices and different types of unexplained noises going on in the house,” said Denniston.

Friday night was not just about looking for activity inside the house. It was also about education. The organization taught a new group of people about ghost hunting.

“I know a lot of people who are interested in this really don’t get the opportunity to go and hunt in places,” said Stephanie Sutera, associate director of TSPI.

The group learned the basics of ghost hunting. The investigators taught them about videography and the role of psychics. It was part spooky school and part public ghost hunt.

“It kind of reinvigorates your love the paranormal,” said Sutera. “It’s a little bit creepy and unnerving too.”