Commuters say truck attack will not change their routines

Bicycles and debris lay on a bike path at the crime scene where investigators work after a motorist earlier in the day drove onto the path near the World Trade Center memorial, striking and killing several people Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Every day, tens of thousands of people get on trains in Connecticut and get off in Grand Central Terminal in New York. Every day, even on days when New York has just been attacked by a terrorist.

“I work down right next to Grand Central and there’s always that time when you’re like, ‘I hope this doesn’t happen here,’ you know? It needs to stop happening,” said New Haven resident Michael Collins as he boarded an early morning train to New York.

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“It’s definitely on my mind, but every time I go into New York, I work in midtown, it’s always on my mind and I just can’t let it get in my way,” said Mark Teitelbaum of New Haven.

Everybody we spoke to had a similar sentiment. Yes, the terror was awful and just blocks from where they work, but nobody is changing their plans.

“Not at the moment. You have to go to work,” said New Haven resident Sydney Server, dashing to her train. “And you can’t live in fear, you just have to pray that this crazy madness stops.”

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“Obviously, I think everyone here is deeply concerned for the people who lost their lives and the families that loved them,” said Terry Robinson of Woodbridge as she stood on the New Haven platform.

People are also deeply concerned about the randomness of the violence. The strange thing is, everyone seems to be getting used to it.

“It always worries you, but you just have to be careful in today’s world,” said Glastonbury resident Sridhar Kadaba.

“I think everybody’s got to be careful everywhere they go. It doesn’t matter,” said Maritta Sorensen of Madison.

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When folks get off the train every morning, they’re in the largest city in the country with the largest police force in the world. Some prefer to worry about some of the reasons for violence, rather than the violence itself.

“I worry about he polarization in our country. I worry about the violence around the globe and at home. I worry about the lack of civility,” Robinson said. “I worry that we are not looking out for one another to the extent that we could, but I never worry my own safety, especially going into Manhattan, one of the best places on the planet.”

Unfortunately, that distinction also makes New York City one of the most attractive targets for terrorists on the planet.