Report of tainted candy in Groton City

GROTON CITY, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are investigating after a report of tainted candy on Halloween night.

The City of Groton Police Department announced on its Facebook page that it is aggressively investigating a single report of tainted candy handed out to a child in the city.

At 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, the mother of a one-year-old told police her child suffered a finger injury from handling the candy. Police have not received any other reports of tainted candy, and say they have not confirmed directly a source of the tainted candy.

New developments came quickly in this case. Wednesday morning detectives found a potentially dangerous object in a fun size Snickers bar. It came from the same bunch of candy collected by a City of Groton family. The mother told police her one-year-old cut her finger on a different candy bar Halloween night.

“Her youngest child had reached into her candy bag and she was walking into the house and she yelled ouch,” Lieutenant Eric Jenkins from the Groton Police said.

That initial candy bar has not been found but, police did search the family’s garbage because the mother had thrown out all the other candy in case it was tainted too.

Lieutenant Jenkins said that officers did find a small piece of metal among the Halloween candy.

The investigation has revealed a small thin piece of metal has been found in another piece of candy.”

Police say the piece of metal was placed along the side of the Snickers bar inside the wrapper and could have easily been missed.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Groton resident Dawn Spinney. “I think it’s insane that people can be so horrible in this world.”

Police plan to retrace the family’s steps through this Hynes Avenue neighborhood. They’ve already gone door-to-door once.

“Last night around 10:30 the police knocked on my door and were asking if we’d given out candy, which we didn’t this year,” Groton resident Deborah DeWolf said.

They recommend all parents and guardians check candy closely.

Police are aware reports are circulating in social media regarding this matter.

Anyone with information that can assist investigators is asked to call City of Groton Police at 860-445-2451.