Could Daylight Saving Time become a thing of the past in Connecticut?

(WTNH) — Before you head to bed Saturday night, be sure to set your clocks back one hour. It’s the end of Daylight Saving Time and the return to Standard Time.

Some states are considering doing away with changing the clocks.

Next week it’ll be dark much earlier in the day. We’ll be turning our clocks back this weekend, and State Representative Kurt Vail introduced a bill to change that. He has the support of many of the people he represents.

“There’s statistics, there’s an increase in heart attacks and automobile accidents after we move the clocks,” Vail said.

It’s something Massachusetts has also considered. Vail – like that state’s lawmakers – would only want to make the change if other New England states did the same. He acknowledges that not everyone would want to turn back on turning back the clocks.

“It would be really dark when the kids get on the school bus,” he said. “That’s the biggest objection and it’s a good objection.”

Jeff Ramsey, who owns a carpentry business, says he’d support an end to Daylight Saving Time. He doesn’t look forward to the earlier sunsets.

“If it didn’t get dark until 5:30 it would definitely be a little easier, especially when you get home from work and you have some chores to do around the house,” Ramsey said.

Vail’s bill died and never received a committee vote. He says the debate over whether or not to continue daylight saving time isn’t over yet.

“I can’t submit legislation myself this year but I can write a letter suggesting the committee take up that bill again for the next session,” Vail said. “I will be doing that.”

One of the benefits of setting our clocks back or forward: it’s a good reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

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