Texas church shooting reignites gun debate in Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The latest shooting incident in Texas has again shed light on the big rift over gun rights in Connecticut.

“Prayers are not enough and now is the time for action. Congress has been complicit in these kinds of mass shootings,”  said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) on Monday.

In the aftermath of the Texas church shooting, both Senators Blumenthal and Chris Murphy as well as Governor Dannel Malloy called on Congress to take action on more thorough background checks for gun ownership.

“Over 40 percent of gun purchases in America are not subject to background checks even though most Americans think that that’s a requirement and 90 plus percent of Americans believe that that should be a requirement,” Senator Chris Murphy said in an e-mailed statement. “The terrifying fact is that no one is safe so long as Congress chooses to do absolutely nothing in the face of this epidemic. The time is now for Congress to shed its cowardly cover and do something.”

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But it was Gov. Malloy who was most critical of gun rights advocates who see this issue differently, saying, “It is clear to me that many Americans are willing to take the chance that their child will be murdered in exchange for continuing to own their gun.”

Scott Wilson, the president of the state’s largest gun rights group, the 28,000+ member Connecticut Citizens Defense League, helped to put the issue into their perspective.

He said, “I think the Governor is overlooking the fact that parents and gun owners are going to want to protect their children.”

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Governor Malloy said, “It’s clear to me that many Americans will close their eyes to what’s going on in America with the use of guns in order to maintain what they think is their right.”

Wilson was quick to retort, saying, “We don’t think, we know what our Second Amendment rights are. We know what our Second Amendment rights are. Governor Malloy is way off base.”

It’s interesting to note here that we are coming up on the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting and the families’ lawsuit against the manufacturer of the A-R rifle is coming before the State Supreme Court next week.