Extreme cold coming…no joke!

As is typical for this time of the year, we always start to see a little taste of winter here and there…like the first flakes flying by last night in parts of the state. Check out this video from Michael Tortora via Twitter:

This was at 10:50 last night in Wolcott. Sent it to Gil pic.twitter.com/2U5U0YlpSP

— Michael Tortora November 8, 2017

Call that little taste of winter a warning because we have a lot more winter to come over the coming days. I know you’re thinking, “seriously, we have more snow?!”. Well it’s not going to be wintry because of snow (although we are expecting some flurries late Thursday), it’s because of the extremely cold temperatures on the way.

From shorts & a/c to wind chill values in the single digits.

Just Monday I remember walking outside with shorts on. I had the air conditioning on in the car, it was humid..felt a little like Florida even. Well it’s time for winter to hit us over the head hard in just 5 days. By Thursday night, a strong cold front moves through giving us a few showers and flurries. This front will throw extremely frigid air into Connecticut throughout the day on Friday. High temperatures on Friday…lets talk about 30s at best. In fact, when you factor in the wind, here’s what it will feel like:

These wind chill values would be noteworthy even if it had been the middle of the winter, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Please…PLEASE be careful if you’re going to be out at any of the high school football games on Friday evening and keep in mind that the wind will make all the difference. Thankfully temps come up a bit this weekend, but temps will still be well below average. Here’s the forecast for the weekend, CLICK HERE for the latest extended forecast.