Rooster on the run in New London is now in custody

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s not every day a rooster is taken into custody after disturbing the peace of one neighborhood.

“He’s loud. He’s a little obnoxious,” said New London Asst. Animal Control Officer Tonya Kloiber.

(Photo: Tina Detelj/WTNH)

She went in search of the raucous rooster Monday morning armed with a crabbing net. The rooster had been seen roaming on Ashcraft Road and Cape Ann Court.

“As I was walking up the driveway I saw two little kids running around the bushes over there and I heard I thought a chicken but obviously it was a rooster,” said Steve Femiak who lives nearby.

That rooster was on the run.

“The gentleman who helped me catch him said that he was basically standing under his window crowing all weekend so he was happy to see him go,” said Kloiber.

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And she is happy the bird is being kept at the Waterford animal shelter which has more outdoor space than New London.

“I don’t know if he escaped a pen and got loose or if somebody let him loose because he started to annoy them or their neighbors complained,” said Kloiber.

Like any other animal in custody, this bird won’t be able to fly the coop unless someone claims him. If no one does within a week, he will be put up for adoption.

“Ideally, we would we want to see him be a pet, not turn into somebody’s dinner,” said Kloiber.

(Photo: Tina Detelj/WTNH)

She’s already gotten a few calls from people interested in adopting the rooster. But he cannot go to a home in New London because roosters are illegal in the city. Only chickens are allowed.