Which health apps are best for you?

(ABC News) – Swiping, tapping, texting… we spend a lot of time on our devices, and a lot of worry that maybe the cyber world isn’t the healthiest world to live in.

But now a new report suggests that some apps might actually have health benefits.

Healthcare management apps are a category that has exploded over the past year. Today, more than 300,000 exist.

Diabetes? There’s an app for that. Asthma? An app for that too. Meditation, exercise, even smoking cessation have apps. To help quit smoking, try the app “Clickotine.”

Not all are based on good science of course, leading scientists in recent years to put many apps to the test, seeing if they can keep patients healthy, and save the healthcare system money.

This week the company IQVIA released a report on the top apps to manage your health based on studies and guidelines.

Still, with so many apps out there, it’s best to get someone who knows you and your health to give you advice before trusting them.

Your doctor may know which one should have you swiping right.