Woman helps homeless man who returned lost $10,000 check

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Thanksgiving was celebrated a day early in New Haven. A homeless man who returned a check that he found on the ground downtown to its owner got a big surprise on Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, Elmer Alvarez returned a lost check for $10,000 to Roberta Hoskie. On Wednesday morning, she showed him how thankful she is, and gave him something to be thankful for.

Original Story: Homeless man finds $10,000 check, returns it to owner

Hoskie, who was once homeless herself, wanted show Alvarez how much she appreciated what he did.

Hoskie went live on Facebook and asked Alvarez to join her. He had no idea what was about to happen.

First, Hoskie presented him with a certificate of appreciation to recognize his honesty. She then offered a full scholarship to the Outreach School of Real Estate, of which she’s the President and CEO, to help him and his girlfriend, whom he met in a shelter.

“You had no idea the person behind that check,” she said. “You had no idea of the heart.”

“I returned it from the bottom of my heart not expecting nothing in return,” Alvarez said.

Hoskie also is offering Alvarez classes to help him become fluent in English, as well as career counseling.
She gave him contact information for one of her partners, who is waiting to interview Alvarez to provide him with work.

Finally, Hoskie made sure Alvarez will be homeless no more.

“This winter you don’t have to worry about being in the cold,” said Hoskie. “We have housing for you.”

His rent will be paid for the next six months. It’s something both Alvarez and Hoskie will be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“She’s giving me the push. I’m going to go for it,” said Alvarez. “I’m going to take it from here.”

“There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t be able to give anything,” said Hoskie. “To be able to be in a position to give, it’s so heartfelt.”

The only thing Hoskie asked Alvarez to do in return? Pay it forward when he is able.

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