Sister of man involved in car fire thanks those who saved his life

(Connecticut State Police)

MIDDLEBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — The sister of a man involved in a serious car fire on Monday is thanking those who helped save her brother’s life.

According to State Police, Patrick Lamorgese, a 26 year-old from White Plains, New York was stuck in his burning car when they rushed to the scene to try to get him out.

One of the officers on the scene just happened to be driving on Interstate-84 and noticed the smoke coming from the car. Sgt. Dogali was the first one on the scene, and tried to bust out one of the windows in an attempt to pull Lamogese out of the car.

State Troopers and some passerbys stopped to help pull Lamorgese out of his car after he was wedged beneath the dashboard and the steering wheel.

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Connecticut State Police say Lamogese’s sister, Stephanie, posted on Facebook to share an update on her brother, as well as thank those who helped save his life.

Lamorgese wrote, in part, “Although, it is extremely hard to see him suffering, my parents and I are feeling so thankful and blessed that the men who saved him took the matter into their hands and risked their lives for a complete stranger.”

Lamorgese says her brother is in the ICU at a local hospital, as he sustained serious injuries during the accident.

State Police say both themselves and the passerbys were all working together to save Lamogese’s life.

The post further states, “Thank you, to the three state troopers: TFC McGeever, Sgt. Dogali and TFC Welch and the two passerby that saved my brother’s life. We will be forever grateful.”