Waterbury mosque opens doors to public

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)–Muslims in Connecticut are trying to fight Islamophobia by offering an invitation to the public. A mosque in Waterbury opened its doors on Saturday night in the hopes of teaching people about the religion.

This comes after President Donald Trump retweeted three anti-Muslim videos on Twitter earlier this week.

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United Muslim Mosque on Prospect Street held an open house to teach the public about Islam. They held a discussion and a call to prayer during the open house.

Administrators want people to learn about their religion.

Original Story: Waterbury mosque to host open house on Saturday 

“I hope that they know that we’re humans. We’re just like them,” said Fahd Syed, an administrator at United Muslim Mosque. “We love our children. We love our religion. We love America.”

A speaker addressed the group, explaining what Islam is all about and urging people to keep an open mind. He explained how they pray and answered questions.

People from other faiths who stopped by say they learned something.

“I’m a Christian myself. It’s an interesting experience to find out exactly how they worship,” said Jimmy Griffin of Waterbury.

Muslims who worship at the mosque say events like this one are important. They want to educate the community. Many of them deal with discrimination while out in public.

“I was at the park with my granddaughter and a boy said, ‘it’s a terrorist.’ I said, ‘where?’ He said, ‘you.’ I said, ‘me?’ Are you joking? I said, ‘I’m not a terrorist.’ He said, ‘you’re dressed like one.’ I said, ‘no, I’m dressed like a Muslim,’” said Pearl Wells of Waterbury.

Muslims at United Muslim Mosque are working to end that discrimination. They gave out copies of the Quran and information about their moral system. They hope the open house will help bring people together.

“We’re your neighbors. We’re your friends,” said Wells. “We’re nothing to be frightened of. Don’t believe all the propaganda hype.”

After the prayers and discussions the Muslim community invited the public to have dinner with them at the mosque.

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