Stores open late for holiday shoppers

HAMDEN/MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–Christmas is just over a week away, and Saturday was a very busy day for stores.

This is the second-to-last weekend to get shopping done before the holiday. Shoppers told News 8 there were long lines at the Kohl’s in Hamden, but they moved quickly so shoppers didn’t spend too much time waiting to pay.

Meanwhile, the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford was busy on Saturday night as well. Families went from store to store in the mall together; other people shopped by themselves. Many have now checked off most of the names on their lists.

Shoppers say there were long lines in many of the stores, but waiting was worth it. They filled their bags with holiday bargains, and they were excited about what they found.

“Doing very well, looking for some good deals. They have a lot of good sales going on; it’s not just a gimmick,” said LaShanta Valentine of Waterbury. “No, they have some really good stuff. Good quality stuff.”

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The mall and many stores are open longer hours before Christmas so people can finish up their holiday shopping.

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