Young entrepreneur gives old clothes new life as bowties

(WTNH) — On this edition of Nyberg, everything old is new again.

That’s behind the business that 22-year-old Paul Hunter has built.

He’s a junior in college at Regis University in Denver. His company is called Repurpose BowTies. The bow ties are adjustable with snaps.

He takes shirts, pants and upholstery fabric and whatever else and gives the material new life as a bow tie.

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People started noticing a bow tie he had made from the remnants of a shirt he burned by standing too close to a stove.

“I started wearing it around and people started asking me where I got it and instead of saying department stores or something like that I told them the story and this was really when I saw that people were interested in the story behind the fabric and what it was before and it just kind of reached my passion for the environment…” Hunter explained. “…So now we source all of our materials and it’s all potentially wasted fabric so it’s on its way to the landfill, and we intercept it before it goes to the landfill and so it’s not wasted.”

“I know this one used to be a t-shirt, which was very loud,” Hunter explained while showing off one creation. “This is an upholstery fabric which was a very cool partnership down in Denver with a design studio. And these were pants, this was a jacket, like a suit jacket kind of thing. This was another upholstery fabric.”

Hunter is an economics and neuroscience major. His dream is to go to graduate school at Yale University.

This spring, his company will be making bow ties for dogs which attach to their collars so you won’t have to worry about size.

For more, visit their website at