Daughter’s condition inspires woman to start einkorn wheat company

(WTNH)–Carla Bartolucci is small in stature but huge in the organic and gluten-free worlds. She is Connecticut’s Small Business Person of 2017.

Carla and her Italian-born husband’s business is called Jovial Foods, and it’s based in Stonington. Her drive to succeed is spurred by loved ones she and her husband lost, and their eldest daughter who was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. One of the secrets she found to helping her daughter, and others, is an ancient grain called einkorn.

She is now farming that, and all of her products, in Italy.

“My husband and I felt like maybe something was out there that she could tolerate, maybe there was a different type of wheat that we never heard of,” Bartolucci said.

“I still remember the day when she said I can breathe out of one side of my nose for the first time in my entire life. It’s been amazing, now it’s been eight years since she’s been eating the einkorn and she is tremendously well and just very, very healthy and very happy, so einkorn has been a real gift to our fmaily.”

Bartolucci’s family sells gluten-free pasta made with brown rice. They also have cookies and crackers.

“Usually when you have a food intolerance, to get better you have to sacrifice, and you feel like you’re missing out, but with einkorn it tastes so good,” Bartolucci said.

She spends much of the year in Italy, where she and her husband are raising their children, and overseeing and manufacturing facilities and organic farmers, but she’s in Connecticut a lot, at headquarters.

Jovial Foods is on 20 acres where the now-closed historic Randall’s Ordinary Restaurant existed. She says she will be reopening it in amazing fashion.

You can find out more about the company at JovialFoods.com.