What’s Right With Schools: Dodd Middle School RC Club

CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — “These kids all about speed…I’m a finesse guy,” explained Michael Woods, principal of Dodd Middle School in Cheshire.

Woods is driving kids towards learning through enthusiasm.

The popular principal took his hobby for remote control cars and started an “RC car” club at the school.

“Actually, a student came to me about three years ago, I was trying to get to know the student a little bit better and he said he was into RC cars,” said Woods.

It’s been a big success.

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It’s also helped him connect with kids on a level that’s a little more “down to Earth”.

“As you get higher up in administration, sometimes you lose that connection, but this has been a godsend to maintain that connection,” said Woods.

The club also opens up an opportunity to teach.

It turns out some of the best classes are the ones where you don’t even realize you are learning.

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“When they start using the tools to make their own parts, fixing something or soldering wires, it may be a brief prompt from me or one of the other teachers, then they are off and doing it and then you see them turn to the next person and say, ‘Oh no, this is how you do it,’” said Woods.

It’s also a way for Woods to learn about his students too, and have fun at the same time.

“This is a job that someone has to do,” said Woods.