The essential items you need in your car during extreme cold

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut’s deep freeze is causing deep problems for AAA.  The automobile club is experiencing record-breaking calls for help due to the frigid cold, and wait times are topping three hours as it responds to nearly a thousand calls a day from stranded drivers with dead batteries or deflated tires.

“We’ve seen a lot of cars with that,” said Richard “Big Rich” Puldelka of Monro Muffler and Brake in Hamden.  He told News 8’s Mario Boone the top three car concerns in this extreme weather.

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“When the temperatures drop and plummet the way they do right now, people have a lot of problems with tires,” Puldelka said.  Batteries, if they’re three or four years old, they’re only good for half their life.  Fluids are very important as well.”

He said you keep a check on your windshield fluid, antifreeze and most of all your oil level.

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Once you’ve checked everything under the hood, AAA says you should take a look at what is in your trunk.  First thing is to keep a set jumper cables.  Next is to have a snow scraper and a snow brush.  A first aid kit is also very important, in addition to emergency reflectors in case you break down.  Lastly, you want to keep some batteries and a flashlight in your car just in case.

“If you fail to stay on top of your maintenance, your car will fail,” Puldelka concluded.